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Channel 4 – Homes by the Med: Season 1 (2017) 6of6 Puglia

Ch4 Homes By The Med Series 1 6of6 Puglia
Home’s by the Med: Series 1
Charlie Luxton takes the coastal property showcase to the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean.

Channel 4 - Home's by the Med: Series 1 (2016) Part 1: Costa Brava
Charlie begins on the rugged coastline of Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain, where he visits a visits a surreal, abstract home made up of 10 interlocking cubes of white render and reinforced glass. He also takes in a contemporary home built using stone local to a medieval walled town. In Begur, Charlie learns how to make a tasty Catalan version of paella, and in Tamariu, he visits a house with two swimming pools cut into a cliff.

Channel 4 - Home's by the Med: Series 1 (2016) Part 2: Cote d’ Azur
Charlie Luxton’s property showcase arrives on the Cote d’Azur in France, as the latest leg of his Mediterranean tour gets under way in St Tropez. In Les Issambres, he visits a contemporary minimalist house, and in Villefranche-sur-Mer, he stops at a renovated 1960s villa overlooking Cap Ferrat. The foothills of the Alpes-Maritimes play host to Bridget Bardot’s former home, and a trip to Grasse – `the perfume capital of the world’ – brings him to a farmhouse once occupied by an order of perfume-making monks

Channel 4 - Home's by the Med: Series 1 (2016) Part 3: Mallorca
In Mallorca, Charlie travels to the cliffs near Port Adriano and a home carved in the rocks. He also visits a once run-down villa that has been turned into a holiday retreat, and the opulent Villa Colani. His final stop this week is to VIlla Kerida, which boasts 360-degree views, and private access directly to the sea.

Channel 4 - Home's by the Med: Series 1 (2016) Part 4: Crete
Charlie heads to the island of Crete, and visits a sprawling palace of glass, metal and rock west of Chania, featuring a guest block that seems to float above the sea. He also visits a tiny mobile home in an olive grove in the south of the island.

Channel 4 - Home's by the Med: Series 1 (2016) Part 5: Costa del Sol
Charlie Luxton returns to Spain to explore the Costa del Sol, one of the most-visited sections of the Andalucian coastline. While there, he meets a couple who have built an extraordinary modern home that is designed like a cruise ship, but on dry land.

Channel 4 - Home's by the Med: Series 1 (2016) Part 6: Puglia
Charlie Luxton travels to Puglia, Italy, and in the seaside town of Polignano a Mare, he visits a townhouse perched precariously over sea caverns. He also takes in a rural building in Alberbello with an unusual conical

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