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Channel 4 – Great Canal Journeys: Series 9 (2017) 1of2 Rio Douro, Portugal

Ch4 Great Canal Journeys Series 8 Part 3 Rio Douro

Tim and Pru take to the helm to explore the waterways of the Rio Douro and the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.

Part 3: Rio Douro
Tim and Pru head for the dramatic landscape of north-west Portugal, to embark on a voyage down the Rio Douro. From the sea, they follow the old port trade route featuring hilltop vineyards, on a journey that combines two of their favourite things – water and wine. The Douro’s dramatic geography is unlike any of the other waterways Tim and Pru have experienced – with the deepest lock in Europe and sites of ancient historical importance. Tim and Pru visit the Factory House, a very traditional English gentlemen’s club that lies in the heart of bustling Porto. They also follow the water route taken by Baron Forrester, the Yorkshire born port entrepreneur, and visit some stunning wine estates.

Part 4: Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
Tim and Pru return to Wales to explore a canal that has eluded them for over half a century. The famously beautiful Monmouthshire and Brecon canal is cut off from the rest of Britain’s network of waterways by the Black Mountains. The isolated gem meanders its way through the tranquil Usk valley. Tim and Pru visit the old iron works at Blaenavon, where children as young as five were once put to work; and the beautiful 15th-century castle at Tretower – rumoured to be haunted. They also lend a hand with some lock restoration work.

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