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Channel 4 – Great Canal Journeys Series 7: India (2017) 1of2

Ch4 Great Canal Journeys India 1of2

Tim and Pru take to the helm to explore the waterways of India.

Part 1: Kerala
A 1000-mile network of palm-fringed lakes, rivers banked by rice paddies and some very familiar-looking British-built canals. For millennia the trade in ginger, cardamom and black pepper has made the backwaters a thriving trade route for spices. Tim and Pru pass laden cargo ships, school bus-boats, and fishermen whose only tools are their hands. They explore a canal built by a local ruler to boost trade and make offerings at a temple. And Pru dusts off her dancing shoes to learn the traditional Kerlan dance of the enchantress.

Part 2: Assam
They leave behind the safe confines of the canals as they head out into the rarely navigated Brahmaputra river in the far north east of India. The Brahmaputra features intoxicating scenery, rich culture, and remarkable history. Tim and Pru follow an old route from the tea trade; meet a community of monks; and hitch a ride on an elephant.

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