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Channel 4 – Great Canal Journeys: Series 10 (2019) 1of2 Asian Odyssey

Ch4 Great Canal Journeys Series 10 1of2 Asian Odyssey

Tim and Pru take to the helm to explore more waterways.

Part 1: Vietnam
They embark on a final canal journey exploring Vietnam and Cambodia. The trip begins in the limestone islands of Halong Bay, before travelling along the Red River to Hanoi and the ancient citadel of Hoa Lu. They also attend the famous lantern festival in the trading port of Hoi An.

Part 2: Cambodia
Their journey takes them through Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and across the border into Cambodia. They visit the capital city of Phenom Penh, and conclude their travels at Angkor Wat, an ancient temple built by the clever use of canals.

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