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Channel 4 – Grand Designs: Series 17 (2016) 7of7 Devon

Grand Designs Series 17 7of7 Devon

Grand Designs: Series 17
Presenter Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain’s most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams

Part 1: Gloucestershire
Jon and Noreen take on an epic self-build, creating a modern treehouse on a half-acre site in the heart of a Gloucestershire town

Part 2: Horsham
Matt and Sophie want to build a giant family house of fun with secret dens, a fireman’s pole and a James Bond room. Kevin can’t wait to see the final outcome.

Part 3: South Cornwall
Tom and Danielle Raffield use their steam-bending skills to build a wavy wooden house in Cornwall, full of amazing twisty furniture. But with only 100k, have they taken on too much?

Part 4: Essex
Architect David Parsons has designed a sleek, black house hidden away in an idyllic Essex woodland. But will having no windows on two sides make this dream home into a bunker?

Part 5: Bolton
Paul Rimmer has worked with bricks for 40 years renovating Victorian houses in Bolton. But now he plans to hand-build a state-of-the-art wooden home. If his funding holds up that is.

Part 6: Pembrokeshire
Simon and Jasmine Dale want to build a three bed home on a hill with only 500 in the bank. And be self-sufficient in five years. Can it be done?

Part 7: Devon
Mark and Candida Diacono are building a house in the shape of a plough in Devon using a non-conventional team of builders. Will their ambitious plans lead to disaster or success?

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