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Channel 4 – Grand Designs New Zealand: Series 2 (2016) 8of8 Earthquake Rebuild

Grand Designs New Zealand Series 2 8of8 Earthquake Rebuild

Grand Designs New Zealand: Series 2
Grand Designs New Zealand is a series about New Zealanders taking on the challenge of building their own unique and inspirational homes… From architectural designer mansions to DIY homes using archaic or new school building techniques and material… From the beach, to the mountains, and the hills in between. Grand Designs charts the in-depth process of creating these unique homes, and the personal journeys of those building them.

Part 1: The Concreteologist
Ross plans to create a towering home for his family on the cliffs of Point Chevalier. But after living on site for nearly 10 years, his family is now wondering if he’ll ever get their home finished.

Part 2: Hemp Home
New Plymouth couple Greg and Gayle build one of the first hemp homes in NZ, and spend thousands shielding themselves against what they believe are the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Part 3: Rusty House
Steve Wilson and Wendy Grell move from Auckland to the Northland beachside where they plan to build an architectural marvel of corten steel in an unassuming seaside community.

Part 4: Stilt House
Predicted sea level rises are not stopping architect Guy Marriage and his extended family from building a DIY Bach, only metres from the high tide mark on Wellington’s Kapiti Coast.

Part 5: French House
Philippe and Sarah Lods hope to create a modernist home based on Parisian apartments on a rare empty site in the heart of Auckland’s historic Ponsonby.

Part 6: Modern Day Castle
Christchurch earthquake refugees Andy Macbeth and Jo Denton build a modern-day fortress against the elements in alpine Queenstown.

Part 7: Shipping Container Home
Building with shipping containers seems like a creative way to create a home, but construction falling a year behind is only the start of this Christchurch family’s build problems.

Part 8: Earthquake Rebuild
A terminally ill Christchurch man and his family are determined to stay in South Brighton despite on-going earthquakes, and the fact their house is being built on a sand dune.

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