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Channel 4 – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces: Series 7 – WWII Special (2016)

George Clarkes Amazing Spaces Series 6 WWII Special

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Series 7 – WWII Special
In this special episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, George and Will Hardie meet the daughter of a survivor of a World War II Japanese prisoner of war camp who has uncovered a remarkable secret. Jan Fursier has discovered in one of her father Reg’s wartime diaries an immaculately illustrated guide to building a 1930s caravan, painstakingly created by her dad while held in captivity. Jan wants George and Will’s help to bring the caravan to life. As they delve deeper and learn more about Reg, they uncover an incredible story of survival and resilience under terrible circumstances, and of a secret undercover POW university where officers gave illicit lectures, covering everything from the sciences to the best restaurants in London. Once the caravan is completed, George and Will invite Jan for an emotional reunion in the same Welsh national park where her father took the family on holidays after the war.

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