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Channel 4 – George Clarkes Amazing Spaces : Series 7 (2016) 4of8 Rare Caravan and a Dog House Conversion

George Clarkes Amazing Spaces Series 7 4of8 Rare Caravan

George Clarkes – Amazing Spaces : Series 7
New series. George Clarke is back with the show that celebrates ingenious and eccentric small builds in all their forms.

Part 1: Treehouse, Army Truck and a Decadent Bath
George meets a couple turning an old army truck into a mobile holiday home and visits a luxury treehouse in Dorset with a sauna, spiral staircase and even a slide

Part 2: Mobile Home and Garden Pub
George meets Sam, a man with spinal muscular atrophy who is designing an accessible mobile home. And work continues on his rotating house project.

Part 3: Mobile Juice Bar and Modernist Tent
George meets Tabitha, who’s building a new mobile juice bar out of a horsebox after her last one was stolen. And in New Zealand he visits Waiheke to see a modernist tent.

Part 4: Rare Caravan and a Dog House Conversion
George meets Ali and Rich, who hope to salvage one of the rarest caravans made. And in Devon, Nick wants to build a garden studio for his mother-in-law out of a dog house.

Part 5: Jet, Scorebox and Treehouse
George meets a teacher building a classroom in a salvaged jet and a Devon couple turning a cricket scorebox into a garden hang out. There’s also a steel treehouse in New Zealand.

Part 6: Helicopter and Rare Campervan
In Lincolnshire, a couple are adding a dance floor to a rare campervan, while a small Stirlingshire business converts a Sea King helicopter into luxury overnight accommodation

Part 7: Glass Lodge and a Doggie Campervan
George meets a Dorset couple building a room with great views over Chesil Beach. There’s also a doggie campervan, and a remote lodge made almost entirely of glass in New Zealand.

Part 8: Luxury Cliff-Top Home and a Safari Tent
George meets a Cornish couple turning the country’s most expensive public loo into a luxury cliff-top holiday home. He also unveils his futuristic rotating home at Pinewood.

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