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Channel 4 – Gadget Man: Series 4 (2015) 2of4 9 to 5

Gadget Man Series 4 2of4 9 to 5
Gadget Man: Series 4
Richard Ayoade returns for a fourth series, test-driving devices supposed to make life easier

Channel 4 - Gadget Man: Series 4 (2015) Part 1: The Weekend
In this first episode Richard looks at how technology can be used to make the most of a weekend – from helping with chores and assisting with a workout, to a night out and the journey home. TV presenter Steve Jones joins in to review the equipment, before Al Murray and Sara Pascoe arrive to test out gadgets in the pub.

Channel 4 - Gadget Man: Series 4 (2015) Part 2: 9 to 5
Richard Ayoade sets out to see if there are devices to improve life at work, testing a solar briefcase that recharges gadgets, a hand massager for soothing tired fingers and a portable hammock for the feet. Comedian Dara O Briain helps him investigate a giant interactive touchscreen, a zero gravity desk and a virtual reality office assistant, while journalist Grace Dent helps look at gadgets designed for exercising in the office.

Channel 4 - Gadget Man: Series 4 (2015) Part 3: Date Night
Richard is joined by comedians Katherine Ryan and Tom Rosenthal to try out dating gadgets – including a 1,500 handbag that displays messages and a carbon dioxide cooling vest to make sure the wearer remains ice cold however hot things get. For those already in a relationship, Richard and comedy actor Sanjeev Bhaskar investigate 3D chocolate printing, virtual flowers and a new system that teaches people how to play romantic music on the piano.

Channel 4 - Gadget Man: Series 4 (2015) Part 4: Health and Safety
Richard focuses on technology for protection and security, making sure the Gadget Man house is kitted out with a smartphone-activated lock, scanning visitors with a portable metal detector and putting a robot on patrol. He is joined by actor Keith Allen to test a wallet tracker, a vest that makes the wearer look more muscular and a bulletproof bag, and also meets up with comedian Bill Bailey at a Cold War era nuclear bunker in Essex to try out a post-apocalyptic survival kit – much of which can also be used for camping holidays or festivals.

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