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Channel 4 – Food Unwrapped: Series 9 (2016) 2of8 Icing Sugar

Food Unwrapped Series 9 2of8 Icing Sugar

Food Unwrapped: Series 9
This is a documentary series which attempts to find out how our food is really made and the industry secrets behind our favourite produce.

Part 1: Green Beans
Jimmy Doherty visits a green bean plantation in Kenya to find out how they grow the beans so straight for the supermarkets, and finds out what happens to those that don’t make the grade. At a Norwegian scallop farm, Matt Tebbutt braves the icy waters of the North Sea to join the divers harvesting scallops by hand from the seabed, and Kate Quilton tries to unravel a mystery about Cornwall’s most famous local delicacy

Part 2: Icing Sugar
Kate Quilton visits Israel to find out about the mystery ingredient that makes icing sugar so light, fluffy and powdery, while Jimmy Doherty is in Italy to investigate the difference between risotto and long-grain types of rice. Matt Tebbutt discovers that one sandwich maker has come up with an innovative – and surprising – way of putting waste bread to good use

Part 3: Pesto
Matt Tebbutt heads to Italy to find out how supermarkets can sell pesto at an affordable price when the traditional ingredients are expensive, while Jimmy Doherty investigates why so many cockles in UK supermarkets come from abroad when he always thought of them as a quintessentially British staple. Kate Quilton takes a trip around Europe’s largest marshmallow factory to find out why the sticky treat goes crispy and melty at the same time over the campfire

Part 4: Craft Beer
Jimmy Doherty investigates Craft Beer, meeting a couple who gave up jobs in the NHS to pursue their dream lifestyle of brewing and selling ale. Kate Quilton goes in search of the perfect tomato and finds herself in the middle of the world’s biggest food fight at a festival in Valencia, while Matt Tebbutt examines why tinned anchovies taste salty when fresh ones don’t, visiting a processing plant to find out

Part 5: British Cheese
Jimmy Doherty visits the largest wholesale food market in the world in Paris and discovers why British cheese sales are soaring across Europe. Matt Tebbutt travels to one of the largest ham producers in Italy and meets a pig farmer who tells him about a delicate problem that all pork producers face, while Kate Quilton investigates why some limes are so much juicier than others

Part 6: Parmesan Cheese
Jimmy Doherty visits Italy to assess why parmesan costs up to twice as much as supermarket cheddar and Kate Quilton travels to Hungary and Spain to find out exactly where paprika comes from. Plus, Matt Tebbutt looks at the best and quickest ways to remove the shell from a hard-boiled egg

Part 7: Israel Date Plantation
Jimmy Doherty heads on the trail of an elusive fruit – the fresh date, visiting a vast water purification plant in Israel where the raw sewage of Tel Aviv is harnessed to turn barren desert into fertile farmland. Kate Quilton flies to California to investigate why almond butter is more expensive than other nutty spreads, where she discovers a combination of extreme weather and global economics have affected the price of almonds. Plus, Matt Tebbutt makes a surprising discovery about the true origins of haggis

Part 8: Series Favorites
Jimmy takes to the skies above Israel to join the battle to protect the bell pepper crop from the Mediterranean fruit fly, but is amazed to learn that it’s not insecticide that he’s helping to spread across the desert. Can you put dishwasher salt on your chips? Jimmy visits an extraordinary underground salt mine in Sicily, with a vast network of tunnels leading to a subterranean salt processing plant. Kate visits Vietnam to find out if coconut oil is any healthier than other oils. She also heads to the Amazon rainforest to investigate rumours that the Brazil nuts on UK supermarket shelves are all radioactive.

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