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Channel 4 – Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) 4of7 Goats Milk

Ch4 Food Unwrapped Series 11 4of7 Goats Milk
Food Unwrapped: Series 11
Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut present the food and science series that travels the world to lift the lid on what’s really in the food we eat

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 1: Squid and Chips
Why’s clotted cream yellow? Could squid and chips replace fish and chips as our national dish? And where do multivitamins come from?

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 2: Earl Grey Tea
Bergamot provides flavour in Jimmy’s Earl Grey tea, but what exactly is it? How does instant tea match up against tea bags? Kate visits a very colourful jelly bean factory. Plus: pork scratchings.

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 3: Prawn Crackers
How much prawn’s in a prawn cracker? What’s in low-salt food instead of salt? Plus: the new high-tech method for keeping fresh herbs alive for longer. And a basil plant that’s half tree.

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 4: Goats Milk
Kate meets a scientist who hopes his genetically engineered goats’ milk could save 500,000 lives a year. Is the fish we’re buying really what we think it is? And what exactly is spreadable butter?

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 5: Barbecue Kangaroo
Can high-tech surveillance save our salmon? How on earth can you barbecue a kangaroo? Plus: the secrets behind the annual race to get seasonal asparagus into supermarkets.

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 6: Coloured Crisps
Kate visits a remote potato paradise in Chile as she investigates coloured crisps. Jimmy learns about avocado-rustling and discovers the secrets of guacamole. And what gives sour beer its tang?

Ch4. - Food Unwrapped: Series 11 (2017) Part 7: Summer Diet Special
Can caffeine help us burn calories? Can diet drinks make you fat? Plus: chocolate that could be good for you; and the secret ingredient in redbush tea that could help us burn fat.

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