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Channel 4 – Food Unwrapped: At Christmas (2015)

Food Unwrapped At Christmas 2015

Food Unwrapped: At Christmas
Christmas is a time when we throw caution to the wind and splash out on the most indulgent foodie treats the supermarkets can offer, but are those festive luxuries really worth it? Kate Quilton, Jimmy Doherty and Matt Tebbutt investigate cheaper and surprising alternatives to our yuletide staples, starting with smoked salmon. The team compare the priciest portions with budget salmon and ask: what do they do to the cheaper stuff to make it less expensive? Moving on to the main course, to the pricier and arguably more traditional alternative to a turkey, the goose; could what makes this bird pricier be down to its bad tempered personality? Meanwhile, the team discover that an almond shortage threatens the marzipan-covered Christmas cake. But they explore an ingenious alternative that tastes good but is made from something we normally throw in the bin. Finally, the team explore the claim that the cream in Irish cream liqueur won’t go off even if you leave the bottle for two years.

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