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Channel 4 – Escape to the Chateau: Series 1 (2016) 2of3

Ch4 Escape To The Chateau 2of3

Escape To The Chateau
Series following a British family that buys a French chateau over the course of a year, as they restore the building after 40 years of standing empty.

Part 1:
Dick Strawbridge and his partner Angel Adoree’s new home has 12 acres of land, nine outbuildings, a walled garden and a moat – but it also has no electricity, heating or water, and proves to be a far more complicated DIY project than expected.

Part 2:
Dick and Angel decide they will live as self-sufficiently as they can while restoring the chateau, and invest in some chickens to provide them with eggs for breakfast every morning. However, they still have countless problems to deal with, and have only 20,000 left to spend on the project. The chateau is still without either heating or water, while the 59 windows are crumbling. While Dick’s renovations fall behind schedule, Angel is in her element coming up with ideas for what the finished building will look like.

Part 3:
Dick and Angel only have a few weeks to prepare for their wedding, but the chateau is nowhere near ready to receive the 200 guests they have invited and finding reliable, affordable workers is proving difficult. Dick oversees the damming of the moat and the installation of a new, eco-friendly sewage system, while Angel turns her attention to giving the rooms a distinctive decor.

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