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Channel 4 Dispatches – Trump and Russia: Sex, Spies and Scandal (2017)

Ch4 Trump and Russia Sex Spies and Scandal

Matt Frei investigates an epic tale of mystery and intrigue. It’s the biggest political scandal of our time and could eclipse the fallout of even Watergate. Did the Trump campaign collude with the Russians? The story reads like an international thriller featuring spies, models and some of the most notorious political players. A year after one of the greatest political upsets of all time, Frei travels to Moscow and Washington to discover more about this alleged conspiracy. Speaking to some of the insiders and examining the evidence, he explores the deep links between Trump confidants and Russia. Did the Kremlin have leverage over a number of these controversial aides who were helping Trump to win the presidency? Were some of them even in the pay of the Russians? Were deals done between these influential figures, including the President’s own family, and agents of the Russian state? And what do both parties stand to gain?

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