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Channel 4 Cutting Edge – The Rich Kids of Instagram (2015)

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Channel 4 Cutting Edge – The Rich Kids of Instagram (2015)
Instagram has given the world’s wealthiest 1% the chance to show off their jet-set lifestyles like never before, offering the remaining 99% a rare glimpse into the lives of the super rich. But with 70 million photos being uploaded to Instagram every day, it takes something special to get noticed. From group snaps on super yachts and pouting selfies on private jets, to parading luxury goods or flashing stacks of cash – Instagram’s youngest and richest users have been causing both admiration and condemnation around the world. But who are the Rich Kids of Instagram? This Cutting Edge programme delves into the lives of some of the world’s most affluent youngsters, examining what drives them to flaunt pictures of luxuries that most people can only dream of.

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