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Channel 4 – Bruce Springsteen: In his Own Words (2016)

Ch4 Bruce Springsteen In His Own Words 1080i

Absorbing feature-length Channel 4 produced documentary to tie in with Bruce Springsteen’s recently released autobiography ‘Born To Run.’ This is a fascinating insight for both hardcore fans and those less familiar with the great man’s life and legacy.

From childhood to globetrotting superstar, In His Own Words is a candid memoir charting the course of a runaway American dream. Reflective, revelatory and always self-aware, Bruce divulges both private and pertinent accounts of his roots and upbringing – the ties that bind, his musical influences and insights into his meticulous and often demanding creative process. There are stark revelations about family, friends and relationships – his confessions about his father’s depression and dominant personality and how it has impacted on his subsequent life and lyrics, is particularly poignant. Similarly, his glowing tributes to his band mates is equally potent, on more than one occasion his partnership with the late Clarence Clemmons is referred to as “elemental”, and as anyone who was lucky enough to see The Boss and The Big Man interact onstage together before his sad passing will attest, this was certainly the case. Blood brothers to the end.

Taking the form of archive personal and live footage (much of which will be familiar to fans who’ve already seen recent Thom Zimny produced Boss docs) interspersed with Springsteen reading passages from his best-selling book, what becomes increasingly clear is that not only is he one of the greatest musicians and live performers of all-time, he’s also worth mentioning as one of America’s finest living poets.

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