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BSkyB – Video Killed the Radio Star: Season 6 (2015) 08of10 Depeche Mode

BSkyB Video Killed the Radio Star Series 6 08of10 Depeche Mode
Video Killed The Radio Star is a short-format documentary series which delves into a handful of the classic 80s-era videos and the people who made them, through in-depth and anecdotal interviews with music video directors and sometimes even with appearances by the artists themselves.
This absorbing collection is episodic and highlights the visual style and musical impact of some of world’s greatest rock stars, recalling the experiences — the genius, madness, excesses and ideas — behind some of music’s most famous videos.
Video Killed the Radio Star Series 6, follows the creative tradition of previous series and is brought to you by the same award winning production team. The series highlights the visual style and musical impact of individual artists, from the pioneering video work of Tina Turner to the iconic visuals of Bjork and the late Lou Reed.
Each episode will be dedicated to the particular Artist, the Video Directors and Stylists who gave the World visual statements such as Bjork’s “All is Full of Love”, Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and Robbie Williams’ “Rock DJ”.

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Part 1: Tina Turner
Video Killed The Radio Star investigates the music video work of Tina Turner.
Directors David Mallett, Brian Grant, Andy Morahan and choreographer Arlene Phillips discuss working with the legend. From her early “Shindig” days to “Private Dancer” to Tina’s groundbreaking live concerts of early 90’s.

Part 2: Billy Idol
Robert Elms and Director David Mallett discuss Billy Idol.
Topics include his music video contribution and influence during the early years of MTV.
This episode features Idol’s music videos for “White Wedding” and “Eyes Without a Face”.

Part 3: Lou Reed
Offering unique and unseen archive footage of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, Broadcaster Robert Elms looks back at the career of one of Rock’s great auteurs – Lou Reed. From his work with Warhol inspired Velvet Underground to his solo work such as the “Transformer” album.

Part 4: Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry
Broadcasters Mark Ellen and Robert Elms discuss the impact of the first four Roxy Music albums, in terms of original music, the look of the band, design of the covers, the consequence of the Eno and Ferry split and the Ferry solo career.

Part 5: Crowded House
This program contains an intimate interview with Neil Finn on his musical journey from Split Enz through to Crowded House.
Neil explains the ideas behind both the music videos and lyrics to such classic hits as “Fall at Your Feet”, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Weather With You”.

Part 6: Tom Petty
Robert Elms and Director Julian Temple discuss the music videos of Tom Petty.
Including the story behind how a chance meeting in the Arizona desert with Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway led to the production of one of the music videos’ most expensive productions “Into The Great Wide Open”.

Part 7: ZZ Top
This program contains interviews with ZZ Top and music video guru Len Epand.
Under discussion are the Tim Newman directed trilogy of the racy videos of the early 80’s: “Legs”, “Gimme All Your Lovin” and “Sharp Dressed Man”.
There are further interviews with Steve Barron who collaborated with the band on the “Rough Boy” video from the early days of MTV.

Part 8: Depeche Mode
Legendary DJ Rusty Egan and Broadcaster Robert Elms discuss the music videos of Depeche Mode and the special relationship between the band and Director Anton Corbijn.

Part 9: Bjork
Robert Elms discusses the amazing body of music video work from Bjork.
This episode includes interviews with directors Chris Cunningham, Michael Gondry and Spike Jonze and videos “All is Full of Love”, “It’s Oh So Quiet” and “Bachelorette”.

Part 10: Robbie Williams
Broadcaster Robert Elms and Director Vaughan Arnell discuss Robbie’s exciting videos including “Something Stupid” (with Nicole Kidman), “Millennium”, “She’s the One” and “Supreme”.

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