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BSkyB – David Attenborough’s: Wild City (2016) 2of3 Urban Wild

David Attenboroughs Wild City 2of3 Urban Wild
David Attenborough’s: Wild City
A natural history event like no other, Wild City will reveal the hidden wild inside the Lion City. Deploying the latest filmmaking techniques and narrated by natural history legend Sir David Attenborough, this three part series will be an awakening for the eyes and the mind. See Singapore like never before!

BSkyB - David Attenborough's: Wild City (2016) Part 1: Hidden Wild
This documentary explores Singapore’s hidden wilderness – overlooked areas of the island that are home to a variety of fascinating creatures, such as the flying colugo, the wild boar in Pulau Ubin, and the saltwater crocodile and a family of smooth-coated otters in Sungai Buloh. There are some other interesting wild creatures in Singapore, such as the elusive Suda Pangolin, the monitor lizard (the largest lizard on the island), and the white bellied sea eagle.

BSkyB - David Attenborough's: Wild City (2016) Part 2: Urban Wild
David Attenborough takes us on a journey through a day in the life of the wildlife that lives in Singapore’s urban environments. From a troop of macaques in Bukit Timah to a family of otters in Marina Bay, the surprising and fascinating stories of the city’s wild is exposed, from civets taking up residence in roof cavities to pythons hunting in drains.

BSkyB - David Attenborough's: Wild City (2016) Part 3: Islands
Singapore’s coasts and islands are home to an array of fascinating creatures, such as the rare tiger tail seahorse, the dynamic duo of the yellow watchman goby and the pistol shrimp, and the quick-changing cuttlefish, also among the fascinating creatures featured are the dog-faced water snake, the sand bubble crab, the golden orb spider, and the very rare Neptune’s Cup Sponge.

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