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Bronze Age (2016) 3of3 Conquest And Collapse

Bronze Age Series 1 3of3 Conquest And Collapse
Bronze Age
The Bronze Age covers 2,000 years of history in the Aegean/Mediterranean, Egypt and Near East from roughly 3000 BC to 1000 BC. New animations produced by Pixeldust include the reconstruction of four ancient capitals, including the Egyptian city of Thebes and the early Greek capital of Mycenae.

Pixeldust Studios - Bronze Age (2016) Part 1: Rise of Civilization
In the region that includes the Mediterranean, the Aegean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Bronze Age arrived about 3000 BC and lasted nearly 2000 years. What singled out this period and the new societies and cities that emerged? The development of formal writing is one among several important factors.

Pixeldust Studios - Bronze Age (2016) Part 2: Masters of Trade
Trade, and in particular trade in luxury goods, drove the commerce economies of the Bronze Age. This is the time when the first super powers in history, Egypt and Mesopotamia, emerge and dominate the “world” stage of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and surrounding areas.

Pixeldust Studios - Bronze Age (2016) Part 3: Conquest and Collapse
The Bronze Age had the first large urban centers, powerful kingdoms and armies, writing, and trade routes across vast areas. What led to the collapse of the city-state entities and the end of the Bronze Age? Possibly a perfect storm of uncontrollable factors that are still being researched.

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