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Bees Extinction, Solving the Mystery (2008)

Bees Extinction Solving the Mystery

An acute analysis of an international alarming phenomenon, this gripping film is conceived like a police investigation, aiming at unfolding a criminal mystery.
Here, the inquiry is about the bees that are vanishing from the face of the planet. It is a spreading disaster, first spotted November 2006 in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, UK and France.
Losses sometimes reach 90% of a beehive population. In a world where a 153 billion dollars share of agriculture depends on bees to pollinate, the food industry is starting to worry.

From witness to witness, viewers collect and assemble the first pieces of information. Every scenario is examined in an attempt at understanding the phenomenon.
Is it the Varroa (an acarid), the Nosema (a fungus), a virus, the pesticides, the impoverishment of the floral areas, the beekeeper’s methods, the magnetic waves?
As the investigation continues, renowned scientists from all around the world (USA, Switzerland, France and Germany) are invited to answer these questions and clarify this obscure situation.

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