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Bear Grylls – Breaking Point: Series 1 (2015) 1of6 Water

Bear Grylls Breaking Point Series 1 1of6 Water
Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1
Survival expert, adventurer, and all-round Discovery Channel hero Bear Grylls is back in action – and he’s not alone. This time, he’s taking everyday people on a personal journey to face their fears. In each episode of Bear Grylls: Breaking Point, our indomitable host will be joined by two people who have a serious phobia or personal obstacle to overcome, from the common – rats, spiders and insects – to the bizarre – trees, water and wind.

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1 (2015) Part 1: Water
New Yorker Ray and Ugur from Holland are both terrified of water after suffering major trauma in their lives. Bear takes them to face their fears on a journey through fast-flowing jungle waterways in Southern Mexico.

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1 (2015) Part 2: Picky Eaters
Bear Grylls is in for a tough ride as he tries to help two men overcome their fear of germs and strange foods. Toby, 28, is terrified of coming into contact with blood or dirt, after suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since he was a teenager.

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1 (2015) Part 3: Rats and Spiders
Bear Grylls gets down and dirty with two men who are terrified of rats and spiders. Back home, British carpenter Joe keeps his fear of creepy-crawlies a complete secret to avoid being ridiculed by his workmates, who come across spiders every day.

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1 (2015) Part 4: Heights
Bear is heading sky high, and he’s not stopping until he’s made Joe and Claire confront the fears that are ruining their lives. Joe is so scared of heights that he can’t even change a light bulb or stand near a balcony. Meanwhile, Claire suffers with a fear of falling that stops her from enjoying adventurous activities with her daughter.

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1 (2015) Part 5: Claustrophobia
Bear Grylls meets two men who spend their lives avoiding confined spaces – and takes them deep into the most frightening caves he can find. Mark almost died when he was buried alive by sand as a teenager. Meanwhile, Mike was accidentally imprisoned in a fairground ride dangling almost 20 metres off the ground. He now fears being trapped so much that he can’t even hug his wife.

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point-Series 1 (2015) Part 6: Trees and Insects
Imagine being so scared of trees that you can’t even look at one, or take your son to the park. Well, Maricela has a phobia of trees that has blighted her entire life. She has no idea how it started, but she wants it to end right now – in the middle of the Mexican jungle, with Bear Grylls pushing her to confront the trees that she actually believes can kill her.

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