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BBC A Timewatch Guide – Women Sex and Society (2016)

BBC Women Sex and Society A Timewatch Guide

Women Sex and Society: A Timewatch Guide
We are living through one of the greatest revolutions in history. One that has changed how we live in Britain forever and yet many of us don’t even notice it is happening.
This revolution is the ongoing transformation of the rights and role of women. Historian and broadcaster Helen Castor examines the fundamental shifts that have taken place in Great Britain in this Timewatch Guide to Women, Sex and Society.
Drawing on the Timewatch strand through the years plus decades of BBC archive, Helen investigates how this period of tumultuous change in our culture has been documented on television. From the heroic suffragette struggle for the female vote in the early part of the last century, right through the social and sexual rebellion of the 1960s and beyond, Helen explores how change has been driven by successive waves of feminism and activism, with each wave redefining what women want.

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