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BBC – Winterwatch (2020) 2of4

BBC Winterwatch 2020 2of4

Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams present a week of programmes live from the Cairngorms, showcasing wildlife stories recorded across the UK.

Part 1:
The first episode features footage of pine martens, red squirrels, golden eagles and crested tits, and reveals what the current state of the mountainous region can reveal about the future of Britain’s climate.

Part 2:
Rumours that swallows are present in Sussex in January. They also look at why there’s been a severe lack of snow in Scotland this winter, and share an incredible spectacle in the form of flocks of brent geese migrating from Northern Canada to the urban streets of Dublin.

Part 3:
They reveal the science behind why ducks don’t die of cold, hear about the mini beasts captured on camera by a passionate amateur photographer and share the mass spectacle of 30,000 redwings roosting in a remote wood in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley.

Part 4:
The team review the extraordinary events that have taken place this week as well as look back over an eventful year in the Cairngorms. With three species of Egrets now breeding in Britain, butterflies on the wing year-round and record-breaking temperatures in the Scottish Highlands, they also explores what winters may be like in the future.

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