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BBC – Wild China (2008) Extra: Hunting Dragons

BBC Wild China Extra Hunting Dragons

Documentary featuring pioneering images that capture the dazzling array of mysterious and wonderful creatures that live in China’s most beautiful landscapes.

Part 1: Heart of the Dragon
The fairytale hills of Guilin and the cormorant fishermen of the Li River form the heart of this exploration of the colourful rice-growing cultures and strange creatures of southern China – a land of endless hills, mysterious caverns, spectacular rock pinnacles and traditional cultures with a taste for wildlife.

Part 2: Shangri-La
Beneath billowing clouds, in China’s far south west, rich jungles nestle below towering peaks. Jewel-coloured birds and ancient tribes share forested valleys where wild elephants still roam. These remote forests stretch into northern territories where normally deserts would be found. How do these forests exist? Perhaps the rugged landscape holds the key.

Part 3: Tibet
The vast Tibetan plateau is one of the world’s most remote places and home to chiru antelopes, wild yaks, foxes and bears. It has a remarkable culture shaped by over one thousand years of Buddhism, while its mountains and glaciers provide a vital life support system for half the planet.

Part 4: Beyond the Great Wall
The extreme landscapes north of the Great Wall have shaped some of China’s most colourful people and wildlife. From nomadic tribes hunting with eagles to camel trains crossing the Silk Road, from frozen Siberian wastes to baking deserts of Central Asia, life in northern China is always on the edge.

Part 5: Land of the Panda
China’s heartland is the centre of a five thousand year-old civilization and is home to the giant panda, the golden snub-nosed monkey and the golden takin. China faces environmental problems, but the relationship the Chinese have with their environment is deep and extraordinary. We will understand what this means for the future of China.

Part 6: Tides of Change
Ancient tea-growing cultures, traditional seaweed-thatched villages, bird-filled wetlands, rare white dolphins, snake-infested islands and futuristic cities jostle along China’s fertile eastern seaboard which marks the front-line in the scramble for resources and space between seven hundred million people and a surprising wealth of wildlife.

Extra: Hunting Dragons
Explains how the series was made and about the high speed HD camera used for the snake and bird sequence.

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