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BBC – Trust Me, I’m a Doctor: Season 5 (2016) 3of3

Trust Me Iam A Doctor S5 3of3

Trust Me Im A Doctor: The series with Michael Mosley and a team of doctors cut through the confusing hype, headlines and health claims with the definitive answers on how we can all live longer and better.

Part 1: Episode one
Michael Mosley and doctors get the truth behind health claims. Dr Chris van Tulleken and Nottingham University see whether high-intensity exercise is as good for us as is claimed.

Part 2: Episode two
The truth behind health claims. Michael Mosley reveals a new discovery that could help us all improve our eyesight and Dr Saleyha Ahsan investigates the signs of depression.

Part 3: Episode three
Michael Mosley and the doctors undertake the most ambitious experiment yet on the series – testing whether the spice turmeric could help protect us against cancer.

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