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BBC Trusadh – The News of the Southern Isles (2016)

BBC Trusadh 2016 The News of the Southern Isles

‘Am Pàipear’ celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016. As well as charting the story of how it all begun in South Uist in 1976, we meet those who have contributed and played a part in the story of the paper up to the present day. When it was set up the aim was to give the community a voice to reflect the fast changing landscape of the islands at the times.

The paper has been instrumental in highlighting key issues that have impacted the community over the decades. This programme looks at how ‘Am Pàpear’ has reflected the changing community view in relation to these major events, including the influx of the military presence, changes in education and health provision, matters pertaining to the land and environment, as well as maintaining a unique island humour in its perspective.

Amongst those taking part – Jean Branagan, Mike Russell, Ruaraidh ‘Poker’ Macdonald, Andrew McMorrine, Archie MacKay, Floraidh MacLean, Helen Forbes, Flora MacLean, Wilma Duncan, Father Colin MacInnes, Ena MacDonald, Christine MacIntyre, Ronald MacInnes and Iain Stephen Morrison. A fascinating look at how ‘Am Pàipear’ begun and has developed.

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