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BBC Trusadh – An Turas Gun Ear / The Trip East (2016)

BBC Trusadh 2016 An Turas Gun Ear

The Trip East.

The Tibetan region of China is an area few are able to experience – a remote area of extraordinary beauty but challenging to travel to and through. Yet after a lot of careful planning that’s exactly what Scottish cyclist Magnus Graham did. From the contrast of the busy urban China life to the remote rural mountain life so rarely seen, to the challenges of cycling a laden bike on snowbound and icy mountain roads at almost 5000m, it proved to be Magnus’s most challenging cycle to date.

Meanwhile, further south, his friend Daibhidh Martin cycled from near the Vietnam border and came up through Laos to eventually meet Magnus in the north of the country, where they planned to travel together through remote jungle areas. With temperatures up to 40 degrees, Daibhidh had his own challenges to overcome before the two of them met up.

This is the intrepid story of the cycling adventure of two friends in a remote and unchartered area – stunning landscapes, human kindness and a challenging but ultimately amazing experience.

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