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BBC True North – Lagan Dragons (2020)

BBC True North 2020 Lagan Dragons

Tells the personal stories behind the women who paddle their way to health after having had breast cancer.

Based in Belfast, the Lagan Dragons are passionate participants in the growing sport of dragon boat racing. The film follows the team’s training and preparation for the annual Dublin Regatta, in a bid to retain their title as champions in the Breast Cancer category.

For over 30 years dragon boat racing has been a popular sport among women who have had breast cancer. The repetitive upper body paddling action is believed to help rebuild upper body strength and prevent the reoccurrence of breast cancer.

Throughout the film we meet some of the Dragons, including newbie Nina who has recently joined the team after recent surgery. We also meet Joanne as she undergoes scar therapy following her surgery and Sharon as she visits the cancer centre for a regular check-up.

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