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BBC – Tribes, Predators and Me: Series 2 (2017) 3of3 Hyena People of Ethiopia

BBC Tribes Predators and Me Series 2 3of3 Hyena People of Ethiopia
Tribes Predators and Me: Series 2
Gordon Buchanan joins three remarkable tribal families who live alongside fierce predators, giving him a new perspective on these misunderstood animals.

BBC - Tribes, Predators and Me: Series 2 (2017) Part 1: Shark People of the Pacific
Gordon Buchanan joins a tribal family on a remote Pacific island to see if it is possible to live close to sharks. Sharks are an animal most people find terrifying, but the men of Owarigi Island in the Solomon Islands freedive to catch fish and encounter dangerous sharks almost every day, sometimes at night. Can the islanders teach Gordon to swim and share the ocean with sharks in this tropical paradise?

BBC - Tribes, Predators and Me: Series 2 (2017) Part 2: Eagle People of Mongolia
For thousands of years, Kazakh people of western Mongolia have had a hunting partnership with golden eagles to obtain furs to stay warm in the freezing winters. Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan joins a family of nomads to learn about golden eagles from these experts and help them train a young eagle to hunt.

BBC - Tribes, Predators and Me: Series 2 (2017) Part 3: Hyena People of Ethiopia
Hyenas are loathed and feared by many people. Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan journeys across Ethiopia to find out how the people here can live so close to these powerful carnivores. Ethiopia has more hyenas than anywhere else in the world, and Gordon wants to find out why. He starts his journey in the capital, Addis Ababa. Even here on the outskirts of this massive city, spotted hyena’s prowl looking for food.

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