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BBC – Travels in Trumpland (2018) 2of3 Making America Safe Again

BBC Travels in Trumpland 2of3 Making America Safe Again

Ed Balls travels to America’s Deep South, to immerse himself in the lives of those who put Trump in power and learn how this reality TV businessman won them over.

Part 1: Proud
Trump promised to make Americans proud again, so Ed joins the 15,000 working-class Americans heading to Saint-Jo, Texas, with their monster trucks and Confederate flags for the wild Rednecks with Paychecks festival – the ultimate celebration of Southern Pride.

Part 2: Safe
Trump promised to be the president of law and order, and vowed to protect America’s gun laws, so Ed heads to the state with the most gun murders in America, Louisiana, to find out if the president is delivering on his promise to make America safe again. Ed also travels to gun-toting Texas to find out why so many Americans are obsessed with their firearms. After a heated radio show debate with Texans who say they are willing to kill for their guns, Ed decides to make a visit to Parkland, Florida, where students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are campaigning for gun control after a 19-year-old armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle murdered 17 students and teachers just two weeks earlier.

Part 3: Wealthy
Ed visits Mar-a-Largo in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump can be found playing golf most weekends. Hosted by millionairess Toni, a close friend of the president’s and founder of female Trump fan club The Trumpettes, Ed is put to work helping prepare for the Trumpette Ball, a huge, extravagant party Toni is throwing at Mar-a-Largo in her old friend’s honour.

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