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BBC – Tourettes: Teenage Tics (2017)

BBC Tourettes Teenage Tics

Tourettes: Teenage Tics
Twelve-year-old Rory Brown has Tourette Syndrome. After recently moving to secondary school his physical and verbal outbursts have exploded.
In 1988 John Davidson featured in the BBC documentary ‘John’s Not Mad’. Determined that no other child should go through the horrific experience he had as a child, he’s taken Rory under his wing.
Unlike when John was growing up, Rory has the advantage of support at school. Both John and his pupil support teacher introduce Rory and his Tourettes to those around him in the local community. A visit to the local police station highlights the difficulties Rory has as his uncontrollable tics cause havoc in the face of authority.
Rory also has help from Greg Storey. In 2002, aged eight, Greg took part in the ‘The Boy Can’t Help It’ – a follow up film to ‘John’s Not Mad’. As a boy Greg invented a complex language as a way of communicating with his Tourettes. Now aged 23, he believes it can be adapted to help speed up computers.
John runs ‘Tourette Camp’, a place where Touretters can look forward to a time where they can shout as loud as they like, free of worry about upsetting or offending others. It’s Rory’s first time at Tourette Camp. Here he comes together with John and Greg. Greg has has found his own unique way to manage his Tourettes and John and Greg hope it may give Rory some much needed respite from his tics.
Tourettes: Teenage Tics is an intimate and revealing documentary that over time captures the challenges and triumphs in John and Greg’s lives and introduces the audience to Rory, a boy at the very beginning of his journey with Tourette Syndrome.

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