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BBC The Sky at Night – The Invisible Universe (2018)

BBC The Sky at Night 2018 The Invisible Universe

The Sky at Night reports on one of the most unnerving discoveries in space science – that most of the universe is missing.

We live in a material world, so instinctively we know what normal matter is – the world around us, the planets, stars and interstellar dust. But scientists currently estimate that 95 per cent of everything in the universe is actually – one way or another – invisible. Some of this is ordinary matter that we just can’t easily see. But there’s also stuff that’s much more weird. For instance, there’s a new kind of matter we think is out there, but whose very existence is still largely hypothetical – dark matter.

And most mysteriously of all, scientists think there is an unknown form of energy pervading the universe that we know so little about, all it has so far is a name – dark energy.

The Sky at Night takes you on a tour of this invisible universe, and shows how its existence – or lack of it – will define the fate of the entire universe.

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