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BBC – The Repair Shop: Season 3 (2018) 06of15 Art Deco Lamp

BBC The Repair Shop Series 3 06of15 Art Deco Lamp
The Repair Shop: Series 3
An antidote to throwaway culture, The Repair Shop shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country. In each episode, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Part 1: Pocket Watch
Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life. Resident clock maker Steve Fletcher tackles a pocket watch that has come all the way from Holland and which spent four years in a Second World War Japanese internment camp undetected while secretly sewn in to the hem of a dress.

Part 2: Walking Stick
Wood restorer William Kirk and horologist Steven Fletcher join forces to mend an intriguing walking stick, which features a monkey head. Its mouth and ears should move like a ventriloquists dummy. The walking stick was a gift to the owner’s uncle from an Indian Maharaja.

Part 3: Music Box
Music box expert Stephen Kember and furniture restorer Will Kirk come together to work on a music box that is housed in a replica Swiss chalet. Much of the intricate wood detailing has fallen off and the music box has not played a note for decades. The music box is brought back to life and hand delivered by Stephen to owner Suzanne and her excited grandchildren.

Part 4: Armchair
Upholsterer Sonnaz Nooranvary takes on a real labour of love, a battered but beloved armchair that holds treasured memories of owner Michelle’s grandfather.

Part 5: Japanese Portrait
Art conservator Lucia Scalisi works wonders on a portrait from 1930s of the Japanese martial arts master Yukio Tani. Brought in by the custodian Peter, the painting takes pride of place in the country’s most prestigious martial arts club, but decades of being on display have left it desperate for some TLC.

Part 6: Art Deco Lamp
Resident horologist Steve Fletcher and ceramics restorer Kirsten Ramsay turn their skills to fixing an art deco lamp in the shape of a lady, who is suffering from broken ankle after an unfortunate accident.

Part 7: Teddy Bear
Soft toy restorers Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell work their magic on an old teddy called Fred. Fred is a beloved childhood toy but his owner immigrated to Australia many years ago, sadly without Fred. The 50-year-old, threadbare bear is stuffed with his original wood fibre which is not permitted by Australian customs.

Part 8: Wall Clock
Resident clock expert Steve Fletcher restores an 18th-century wall clock that is a much-loved heirloom from the owner’s grandfather. It hasn’t ticked for five years – will Steve get the clock to work again?

Part 9: Landscape Painting
Art conservator Lucia Scalisi has to draw on all of her 30 years of experience to repair a much-loved landscape that has been left hanging together by a few threads of canvas after a house move mishap.

Part 10: Pendulum Clock
Resident clock expert Steven Fletcher is in receipt of an unusual timepiece – a statue of a barmaid holding a swinging pendulum clock dial. These clocks are known for being temperamental but with a good clean and a few replacement parts, Steve has it swinging once more.

Part 11: Pilots Bomber Jacket
Saddle maker Suzie Fletcher answers a mayday call from a young man who wants to surprise his father by having a WW2 pilot’s bomber jacket restored. The ripped and weathered jacket was worn by his grandfather while serving in the RAF’s Coastguard Command, protecting our home coast from attack.

Part 12: Rocking Horse
Furniture restorer William Kirk takes on a cherished family rocking horse that is in desperate need of some TLC. The paint work and plaster is flaking away and the leather work is tattered and torn, but saddler maker Suzie Fletcher is on hand. Together they do a beautiful job and return the rocking horse to the delight of the family.

Part 13: Hercules Statue
Blacksmith conservator Matthew Boultwood comes to the rescue of a 30-kilo cast iron statue of the Roman God Hercules. It took pride of place in a town’s Heritage Centre, until an unfortunate accident meant he lost his club, but using a clever repair technique Matthew saves the day.

Part 14: Royal Doulton Figurine
Ceramics conservator Kirsten Ramsay takes on a very rare Royal Doulton figurine of a First World War soldier, once owned by the last master pottery thrower of the Doulton factory.

Part 15: Military Chest
Furniture restorer Will Kirk takes on an army officer’s military campaign chest that has literally been through the wars. Battle scared after two hundred years travelling across the world with the British Army, it is being restored as a surprise for its current owner, the fourth generation of the same family to own the chest.

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