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BBC – The Real Marigold on Tour: Season 3 (2019) Episode 2 Argentina

The Real Marigold on Tour Series 3 Part 2 Argentina
The Real Marigold on Tour: Series 3
After experiencing what it is like to grow old in India, Marigold on Tour veterans Miriam Margolyes, Bobby George and Sheila Ferguson team up with new recruit Stanley Johnson.

Part 1: Russia
For their new adventure the group explore retirement in the largest country in the world, Russia. First stop on their journey is the cultural capital of St Petersburg, where Miriam and Sheila quickly find themselves at odds with Stanley’s pro-Russian standpoint.

Part 2: Argentina
Marigold on Tour favourites Paul Nicholas, Sheila Ferguson, Wayne Sleep and Jan Leeming team up for an adventure in the home of the tango, Argentina. Staying in Buenos Aires, the group begin their time in the city with a visit to a late-night tango event. While none of them know the steps, they dance with the locals into the small hours, with one man in particular catching the eye of Jan.

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