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BBC – The Real Marigold Hotel: Season 3 (2018) Episode 1

BBC The Real Marigold Hotel Series 3 1of4
The Real Marigold Hotel: Series 3
Over four episodes, The Real Marigold Hotel follows nine new celebrities as they head to India on an experimental adventure. Leaving their routines and loved ones behind in the UK, they learn to adapt to a new culture, customs and living arrangements.

Part 1:
Selina Scott, Susan George, Stephanie Beacham, Ian and Janette Tough (aka the Krankies), Syd Little, Peter Dean, Bob Champion and Stanley Johnson arrive at their new home in Udaipur. First-time curry eater Bob struggles to adjust to the Indian diet, and the Krankies find dealing with the realities of living in India unsettling – the animals in the street, the more basic way of life and the piles of rubbish that can distract from the beauty. Meanwhile, Stephanie, Syd and Peter embrace India’s spiritual side as they visit one of the oldest ashrams in the region.

Part 2:
It’s the second week in India, and the senior citizens have settled into their new home and are embracing life in Udaipur. Having found their feet with group living, they go in search of their favourite pastimes. The group receive a grand invitation from the maharanah and are invited to mingle with Udaipur’s high society at the City Palace, where entertainer Janette Krankie wastes no time in showing off her dancing skills.

Part 3:
The group are now settled into life in Udaipur and are ready to explore further afield. Country lovers Bob, Susan and Selina want to see more of rural Rajasthan and head into the hills to go horse riding and camping, but it is not quite the glamping trip they imagined. The group end the week with a trip to the neighbouring state of Gujarat for one of India’s biggest annual festivals, Navratri, but to get there involves a 12-hour journey on a sleeper train

Part 4:
After a month of testing the waters to see whether they could live a life of retirement in India, the group’s stay is coming to an end. It is their final week of living at the Udaipur haveli. Susan, Syd and the Krankies go on one last adventure as they visit the pilgrimage town of Pushkar, where loved ones are remembered and relationships are celebrated. Syd and Susan are both moved by the spirituality of the holy city and share special memories together.

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