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BBC – The Pennine Way: Season 1 (2015) 4of4

BBC The Pennine Way 4of4

Paul Rose presents a documentary series about the Pennine Way, Britain’s first national trail first opened in 1965. At 268 miles long, the Pennine Way stretches from the Peak District in Derbyshire to the Scottish Borders.

Part 1: Peak District
Paul discovers how much has changed along the route in the last half-century – and finds out how the Pennine Way owes its existence to the right-to-roam movement in the 1930s. Paul hears about ghostly sightings along the trail and also meets actor and director Barrie Rutter to explore the literary roots of the south Pennines.

Part 2: Yorkshire Dales
In 1965, the Pennine Way was launched in the Dales village of Malham. Paul returns to hear from those who remember the opening ceremony. He also dons his climbing gear to have a crack at the limestone cliff face of Malham Cove, gets a front row seat at a sheep mart in Wensleydale and enjoys a well-earned pint in Britain’s highest pub.

Part 3: North Pennines
He goes white-water rafting down the River Tees and takes in one of Britain’s best views at High Cup Nick. Paul also hears about a weather phenomenon unique to the Pennine Way and spends a night at a remote mountain refuge close to the highest point of the Pennine Way.

Part 4: Northumberland
Paul makes a remarkable discovery at the Roman archaeological dig at Vindolanda. He also finds out what lies beyond the red flags while on exercise with the Grenadier Guards and why Pennine Way walkers can have a magical experience in the dark skies capital of Europe.

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