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BBC – The House that 100k Built: Series 3 (2017) 2of5 Jason Riikka

The House That 100k Built Series 3 2of5 Jason Riikka
The House That 100k Built: Series.3
With house prices out of the reach of many people and banks refusing to lend, buying a home in the UK is becoming an impossible dream. So a few brave but ordinary souls are trailblazing what could be the solution for all of us – trying to build their own house from scratch. Architectural journalist and critic Kieran Long and award-winning architect Piers Taylor are following self-builders as they take on the biggest gamble of their lives

BBC - The House that 100k Built: Series.3 (2017) Part 1: Derek & Christine
Retired couple Derek and Christine from Huddersfield attempt to build their first house from scratch in the south-east of England. However, the development does not go according to plan when the unthinkable happens, and they receive word that the house may have been built in the wrong place.

BBC - The House that 100k Built: Series.3 (2017) Part 2: Jason & Riikka
Jason and his Finnish wife Riikka attempt to build an ambitious modern home predominantly using glass and steel as principal materials, which will highlight the sea views on their plot of land in Torquay. However, the project is beset by problems due to winter storms, injuries and numerous other setbacks, leading to a long and complicated construction

BBC - The House that 100k Built: Series.3 (2017) Part 3: Neil & Amanda
With a new baby and a lively toddler, Neil and Amanda decided to knock down their small, dilapidated house to try and build a larger one on a budget of 50,000, dreaming of something inspired by medieval timber frame homes. Piers Taylor rips up their plans and begins to redesign the entire home from scratch,

BBC - The House that 100k Built: Series.3 (2017) Part 4: Lesley, Kevin & Sue , Tim
Kevin and Lesley have lived on the Isle of Sheppey for over a decade and have longed for the perfect home in their dream location, and have decided to design an eye-catching house that echoes the nearby seaside. Elsewhere, farmers Sue and Tim complete the interior work in their ambitious cantilevered home, which has been an on-going project for around nine years.

BBC - The House that 100k Built: Series.3 (2017) Part 5: Jody & Lori
Kieran Long and Piers Taylor follow the fortunes of Jody and Lori, who are desperate for a modern family home and have decided to gamble everything they have on building a new one from scratch. Kieran takes the couple to see a series of homes tailor-made for the people that live in them. Each is packed with ideas they could try. As the build gathers pace, Lori struggles to make colour choices, so Piers explains the basics of colour theory,

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