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BBC – The Chronicles of Nadiya (2016) 2of2

BBC The Chronicles Of Nadiya 2of2
The Chronicles of Nadiya
Two-part series in which The Great British Bake Off 2015 winner Nadiya Hussain explores the recipes that have shaped her love of cooking

BBC - The Chronicles of Nadiya (2016) Part 1:
Nadiya Hussain visits her family village near Sylhet in the north east of the Bangladesh. Using local produce and techniques she shares her favourite recipes, including baked fish with green mango chutney and a halva called thoosha shinni. As she cooks she reveals the roots of Bangladeshi cuisine. When she is invited to a relative’s wedding, Nadiya decides to bake a three-tiered pumpkin celebration cake for the bride. It is a decision she may have thought twice about if she had realised the only available oven would be in an industrial bakery. This trip is also a chance to reconnect with family Nadiya has not seen since her own arranged marriage over ten years ago, and it proves to be a moving trip down memory lane.

BBC - The Chronicles of Nadiya (2016) Part 2:
Part two of two. After spending a week with her family in Sylhet, Nadiya cooks her way around Bangladesh and learns more about the country, its people and its food. In the capital city Dhaka, the Great British Bake Off winner spends time with a charity that delivers school meals to deprived children, before learning about an ancient fishing method in a small Hindu village on the banks of the Padma. As her journey continues, she meets and learns from food entrepreneurs and experiences a side of modern Bangladesh she never knew existed.

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