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BBC – The Cancer Hospital: Season 1 (2018) Episode 1 Breast Cancer

BBC The Cancer Hospital Series 1 1of3

Follows staff and patients at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow, which treats a population of almost three million people across the west of Scotland and is a centre of excellence in cancer care, offering state-of-the-art treatment and developing and trialling new cancer drugs.

Part 1: Breast Cancer
Six women share their stories. Among them are 36-year-old Louise, who is receiving treatment for curable, early-stage breast cancer and is worried it might recur in the future. And 25-year-old Jasmin, who has incurable cancer, but who is able to live life mostly as she wants, thanks to advances in cancer drugs.

Part 2: Prostate Cancer
Six men who are being treated in different ways. Sixty-three-year-old Eddy has early stage cancer which he has chosen to have treated with radiotherapy. Meanwhile, Arthur is adamant that surgery to remove the prostate is the best option – despite the fact that it will leave him impotent. Craig, who has advanced, incurable cancer, has had his quality of life enhanced by an innovative pain-reduction procedure. And Archie, who has had incurable cancer for eight years, keeps his cancer at bay with a new, unlicensed trial drug.

Part 3: Lung Cancer
Spotlights the treatment received by 85-year-old Mae, who has a small tumour that can now be treated with a new form of radiotherapy that has minimal side effects. The programme also shows how cancer can affect non-smokers like Steven, who was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in his late 50s, and whose quality of life is being maintained thanks to an ever-developing prescription of new drugs. And the film follows the crucial importance of clinical trials for the advancement of treatment with a focus on May, who is a passionate advocate for the effectiveness and importance of volunteering for clinical trials.

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