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BBC – The Australian Dream (2020)

BBC The Australian Dream

The inspirational story of Indigenous Australian Football League legend Adam Goodes.

A deep and powerful story about race, identity and belonging, the film centres on an incident where a 13-year-old opposition supporter called Goodes an ape during a football match. Pointed out by Goodes, the girl was ejected from the stadium by officials. The event went on to divide a nation, with Goodes booed by opposition fans at subsequent matches. It generated enormous public debate and dominated media coverage, exposing an ugly seam of racism running through the nation. The film unpicks the unfolding events from 2013 to 2015, raising fundamental questions about the nature of racism and discrimination in society today. What happened resonates beyond Australia.

Award-winning writer and broadcaster Stan Grant and Bafta Award-winning director Daniel Gordon join forces to bring to the world the remarkable story of one of the most celebrated players in AFL history – a sportsman and Australian who remains a cultural hero, a symbol of resilience and survival and an indigenous man who continues to fight for equality and reconciliation.

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