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BBC – The Art that Made Mexico: Season 1 (2017) Episode 1 Paradise

BBC The Art That Made Mexico Paradise Power and Prayers Series 1 1of3 Paradise
The Art That Made Mexico: Paradise, Power and Prayers
Artist Alinka Echeverria explores the three major forces – nature, power and faith – that have shaped Mexican art, and Mexico itself.

BBC - The Art that Made Mexico: Paradise, Power and Prayers (2017) Part 1: Paradise
Alinka Echeverria reveals the way in which Mexican artists shook off European artistic influence to find a distinctive voice, expressed through landscape painting, and reconnected with pre-Hispanic subject matter. The murals of Teotihuacan and illustrated Aztec codices show how nature was the reference point for their worldview,

BBC - The Art that Made Mexico: Paradise, Power and Prayers (2017) Part 2: Power
Alinka Echeverria reveals how artists became the authors of Mexico’s official history, defining the origins of its power and wielding significant influence over millennia. Following the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910, landscape paintings established a new style that was resolutely Mexican, and confirmed the re-established connections between Mexico’s indigenous population and their land.
In Mexico’s history, power changes hands quickly and often violently.

BBC - The Art that Made Mexico: Paradise, Power and Prayers (2017) Part 3: Prayer
In this final episode, Alinka explores how faith has always driven life in Mexico, and how the need for a visual image created a unique blend of Mesoamerican and Catholic faith. Artists were kept close to the elites in Mexico’s ancient civilisations to depict the deities that were the foundations of the society’s structures and beliefs. Gods and goddesses were created in the mind’s eye of millions, who in turn worshipped the imagery that the artists provided.

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