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BBC Storyville – The Underdog and the Battle for Kenya (2020)

BBC Storyville 2020 The Underdog and the Battle for Kenya

Looks at the tough reality of running for politics in a country riven by corruption and tribal factionalism through the story of Boniface ‘Softie’ Mwangi. Full of naive hope and enthusiasm, Boniface gives up his job as an award-winning photojournalist, exposing government corruption and human rights abuses to stand for election and make a difference.

For decades, elections in Kenya have been determined along tribal lines – a legacy of British rule. Two rival dynasties have held power since independence in 1963. For the country’s younger generation, Boniface represents hope for those who believe that an honest politician can win. But running a clean campaign against notoriously corrupt opponents is a challenge – especially when rival politicians’ lives are threatened, bribes are paid for votes and you’re running a campaign on a shoestring.

This is nothing, however, compared to the opposition to his new role from his feisty wife, Njeri. As election day looms and threats to his young family escalate, Njeri leaves Kenya with the kids and Boniface is left to fight his campaign alone. But he has a great team, a sense of humour and boundless optimism.

Will the election be a moment of change for Kenya? Will the sacrifice for Boniface be too great?

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