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BBC – Stargazing Live: Season 2 Episode 1 (2012)

BBC Stargazing Live Series2 1of3

Live from Jodrell Bank observatory Dara O Briain and Professor Brian Cox celebrate the wonder of the night sky.
Also includes the 29 minute Back to Earth appended to each episode.

Part 1: Moon
The team kick off with a look at the mysteries of the moon and meet Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man ever to walk on its surface. Liz Bonnin reports direct from South Africa on the differences between the constellations of the northern and southern hemispheres whilst Mark Thompson offers help on buying all the kit you need to get started in astronomy.

Part 2: Black Holes
The team take a look at black holes, the most mysterious and destructive objects in the whole universe. Liz Bonnin finds out how our galaxy the Milky Way was formed, whilst Mark Thompson investigates the problems that are caused by light pollution.

Part 3: Aliens
Dara and Brian’s journey through the night sky concludes with a look at aliens, extra terrestrial life and the hunt for new worlds far outside our solar system. They also find out if they’ve been successful in their quest to find their own Stargazing planet. Meanwhile, Mark Thompson attempts to tackle light pollution by getting the entire population of a small town to switch off all of their lights.

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