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BBC – Spy in the Wild: Series 1 (2017) 4of5 Mischief

Spy In The Wild Series 1 4of5 Mischief
Spy in the Wild: Series 1
Natural history documentary in which spy cameras camouflaged as various animals go `undercover’ in the animal world, getting up close and personal to film their behaviour. Cameras hidden inside hilariously realistic animatronic creatures bring us closer here to animals than any other nature series, Narrated by David Tennant.

BBC - Spy in the Wild: Series 1 (2017) Part 1: Love
Spy Pup is immersed in wild dog life to explore their maternal love, and Spy Penguin records the turbulent action of the mating season, as a male Adelie penguin falls victim to a pebble thief that ruins his chances of love for the season. Spy Tortoise and Spy Bushbaby keep watch on chimpanzees, while in perhaps the most moving scenes; Spy Monkey becomes the focus of attention for a troop of concerned langurs who believe the motionless camera-creature has died.

BBC - Spy in the Wild: Series 1 (2017) Part 2: Intelligence
Undercover cameras help to explore the world of animal intelligence, ingenuity and creativity in their hunting, protection and health. Spy Orang-utan meets her real-life counterparts in Borneo to capture how, living close to local people, they have gained unexpected skills in sawing wood and washing with soap, while Spy Termite catches one of the world’s cleverest animal tricksters, the drongo, as he tries to outwit a group of meerkats in the battle for food.

BBC - Spy in the Wild: Series 1 (2017) Part 3: Friendship
The undercover cameras reveal how animals rely upon each other for a range of activities. Arctic wolves group together to survive in one of the harshest landscapes on earth, a band of hungry mongoose groom warthogs for tasty morsels – before turning their attention to Spy Warthog – and fish help clean hippos’ bodies, as well as providing a unique dental service. Meanwhile, crocodiles and dikkop birds take part in a mutual neighbourhood watch against hungry prowling monitor lizards, and Spy Rattlesnake captures how prairie dogs and burrowing owls use their language skills to tell the rest of their community of approaching danger.

BBC - Spy in the Wild: Series 1 (2017) Part 4: Mischief
The undercover cameras reveal how animals often get up to mischief among themselves – and some are downright criminal. A colony of adelie penguins hunker down to avoid a storm, unaware one of them is a thief out to steal the stones that make up their nests, and Spy Tropicbird witnesses an aerial attack by aggressive frigate birds who attempt to steal his fish. A boisterous elephant has a temper tantrum in the mud near the waterhole, chimpanzees have extra-marital affairs and lemurs get high by sniffing toxic millipedes.

BBC - Spy in the Wild: Series 1 (2017) Part 5: Meet the Spies
A behind-the-scenes view of the extraordinary idea of deploying the Spy Creatures, showing how the concept evolved and became the inspiration for the animatronic animals of the series. This documentary reveals the painstaking work behind building the lifelike models, from first concept until they become `alive’ for the first time.

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