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BBC – Sold! Inside the World’s Biggest Auction House (2016) 2of2

Sold Inside the Worlds Biggest Auction House 2of2i

Sold! Inside the World’s Biggest Auction House
As Christie’s celebrates its 250th anniversary, this two-part series follows the drama behind iconic art auctions across the globe to reveal how the world’s biggest auction house operates.

Part 1:
The programme goes behind the scenes in London, Dubai, New York and Hong Kong, as staff, experts, advisers and buyers set art trends, prices and records. However, in 2016, the auction house’s 250th anniversary year, there are fears that a downturn in the global economy could have a negative impact on the multibillion-pound industry.

Part 2:
In part two of the series following a year in the life of the world’s largest auction house Christie’s, global president Jussi Pilkannien and his team chart the highs and lows of auctions in London, Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is a story full of drama as we find out if Brexit spooked the art market and if Christie’s’ big push into Asia is paying off. With rare access to some of the richest collectors in the world, we find out how and why they buy at Christie’s and where they put some of the world’s most expensive artworks.

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