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BBC – So Here I Am: 100 Years of Crofting (2015)

BBC So Here I Am 100 Years of Crofting

The documentary “So Here I Am: 100 Years of Crofting” was first broadcast on BBC One in 1982. The writer and historian James Hunter examined the state of crofting 100 years after the crofters of Braes in Skye fought for their right to land they had occupied.

Although unsuccessful, the controversy resulted in the establishing of a Commission to look at the rights of crofters which led to the Crofting Act of 1886 guaranteeing security of tenure for the first time.

100 years after the Braes crofters’ struggle, So Here I Am examined the effects of the additional efforts since then to consolidate crofters’ rights: from the land raids after WWI to the Taylor Commission of the 1950s, and the Crofting Act of 1976 which gave crofters the right to buy their own land.

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