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BBC – Snow Cats and Me (2019) 1of2

BBC Snow Cats and Me 1of2

Gordon Buchanan joins pioneering biologist Dr Victor Lukarevskiy in snowy Russia to attempt to rehabilitate two pairs of lynx held captive for years.

Part 1:
In the wild, lynx are athletic predators, but they are shy, elusive and seldom seen. Two of these lynx, Koshka and Miass, were born in the wild but have been locked in tiny steel cages for years by a fur trapper and their kittens taken from them and sold. Bryansk and Dasha are rescued from the pet trade and have never seen the wilderness. Dr Lukarevskiy wants to give these beautiful lynx a new life in the wild. Will these lynx have the instincts needed to survive in the wild? After years in human captivity, will they make it?

Part 2:
The project is going well and the cats are getting stronger, but it is still an uphill struggle to get them ready. One pair, Miass and Koshka, surprised Victor by giving birth to two kittens. Now, with young ones Ivan and Aliona to care for, it is a race against time to get these new parents and their kittens ready for release. Gordon puts young male Bryansk through his paces to try to bring him up to speed. Bryansk was a house pet and doesn’t know how to catch his own food. It is an emotional journey taking these beautiful cats back to nature – they were born to be free.

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