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BBC – Sea Cities: Season 2 (2018) 2of3 Bristol

BBC Sea Cities Series 2 2of3 Bristol
Sea Cities: Series 2
Series meeting the people who live and work around Britain’s port cities.

Part 1: Sunderland
The city of Sunderland is changing. Shipbuilding and coal exports which brought its original wealth have disappeared – and now the city is looking to a new future. This programme meets some of the people helping to bring about change and others working to keep traditions alive.

Part 2: Bristol
Sea Cities Bristol gives a unique insight into the people who keep the city’s bustling harbour and port running day and night, all year round.

Part 3: Brighton
Running one of Britain’s most popular beaches is a full-time job for seafront manager Chris Ingall and his team, especially on a sun-soaked bank holiday. Summer is crucial for the businesses along the seafront, including for Jack and Neil Messenger’s fish shop and for chef Michael Bremner’s new restaurant. Meanwhile, how will one of the UK’s seaside favourites Punch & Judy fare against new tourist attractions like the i360? In the UK’s oldest working aquarium, Sealife, Joe Williams plans his team’s raft for Paddle Round the Pier, Brighton’s beach festival. The festival gives young people like Jay, who has autism, a chance to enjoy the beach.

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