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BBC – Scotland: The Promised Land (2016) 3of3

BBC Scotland The Promised Land 3of3

Examines how Scotland was shaped politically and culturally in the aftermath of the First World War, including pivotal events that took place in the first ten years of peace.

Part 1: The Birth of Modern Scotland
Highlights remarkable conflicts, including the electoral contest between Winston Churchill and Edwin Scrymgeour, and the emergence of the Red Clydesiders. Plus, a look at how Scottish Conservatism enjoyed electoral success, and political change as women finally gained electoral equality.

Part 2: Highland Heroes
Looking at the contentious issue of land and emigration, including the rise in Scottish outward migration to places including Canada after veterans from the Highlands and Islands returned from the war. Features testimonies from migrants and their ancestors, who felt the picture of prosperity painted by emigration agents did not match the reality they found upon arrival in Canada.

Part 3: The Cultural Revolution
In the wake of the Great War, two visions of Scotland emerged – a nationalist cultural resurgence led by a band of writers, and a popular revival that appealed to the masses. The final edition examines the struggle between these two ideologies and charts the transformation of those who helped give birth to modern Scotland.

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