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BBC – Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico: Season 1 (2017) 2of7 Los Angeles

BBC Rick Steins Road To Mexico Series 1 2of7 Los Angeles
Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico Series 1
Rick Stein journeys from northern California to Mexico, enjoying unique dishes and the enduring legacy of Mexico. It was 1968, and having heard the Mamas and Papas’ California Dreaming, Rick was filled with a desire to embark on his own road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to the Mexican border and beyond.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 1: San Francisco
Nearly 50 years later, he’s back to retrace his steps. In episode one, Rick enjoys sitting on the dock of the bay in San Francisco, tasting legendary dishes like the hangtown fry – oyster pancake; a dish that can trace its origins to the California gold rush, which created the most famous Chinatown in the world.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 2: Los Angeles
Rick Stein continues travelling down the Californian coastline immortalised by Steinbeck, past citrus groves, vineyards that inspired one his favourite movies, Sideways, and into the city of dreams, Los Angeles. There, movie icons of old like Charlie Chaplin enjoyed eating lamb’s kidney with bacon alongside the perfect martini on Hollywood Boulevard and where the A-listers of today opt instead for chopped salad off the avenues of Beverly Hills.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 3: Ensenada
Rick enjoys a hearty steak and eggs American diner special and bids a fond farewell to his trusty Ford Mustang as he heads across what is reputed to be the busiest border crossing in the world – San Diego to Tijuana – to begin his Mexican adventures. He follows the Pacific coastline down to Ensenada.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 4: Guadalajara
Leaving the Baja Peninsula, Rick explores the western mainland. He lands in the town that placed tequila – and probably Mexico – on the world map and the metropolis that gave us mariachis and dishes like chilli con carne; a city so loved by its people that they insist on repeating its name twice – Guadalajara Guadalajara.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 5: Mexico City
Rick heads to the capital – a melting pot that encapsulates a country that, despite its narrow stature, crosses three time zones. For that simple reason, locals casually refer to the city as ‘Mexico’, and not much has changed to the food that fed the former seat of the Aztec Empire.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 6: Oaxaca
For Mexicans, their most revered dishes come from the south and their Mecca is undeniably Oaxaca, where locals still dress in traditional costume, bringing to life the enduring descriptions of writers like DH Lawrence, who fell in love with the area. This is the land that coined the phrase ‘people of the corn’, the former site of the desert empire of the Zapotecs.

BBC - Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Series 1 (2017) Part 7: Oaxaca to Yucatan Peninsula
Rick Stein’s journey begins to draw to a close as he heads east from Oaxaca to the Yucatan Peninsula – a place once frequented by real pirates of the Caribbean, including our own Sir Francis Drake. Here, where the Europeans first landed over five hundred years ago, the local folk have lighter skins and bluey green eyes.

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